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Remote sensing based National Detection Sytem for Forest Damages

In the FNEWS project, a national remote sensing-based monitoring system for forest damage is being set up. After major forest damage events, data on affected forest areas and arising damaged wood should be provided.

The system should enable an automated and nationwide uniform detection of forest damage. In addition, a monetary evaluation framework for the damage recorded is being developed. All work is carried out in close cooperation with the federal states and technology partners.


  • Development of a nationwide, remote sensing-based recording system for forest damage
  • Near realtime detection of affected forest areas after damage event
  • Annual reports on areas of damage, amounts of damage, causes of damage.
  • Validation and quality assurance of the data according to a standardized national procedure
  • Monetary valuation of damages
  • Visualization and provision of project results in a web application

Project partners

Project funding

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